Between 2 mountain trips or cultural tours we take you to learn or practice some exciting modern sports. Our base is well endowed with top quality equipment for: river-rafting, white-water kayaking, (with either hard-shell kayaks or inflatable kayaks), sea-kayaking (with hard-shell, sit-in, single & double kayaks), wind-surfing, mountain trekking and mountain-biking;  

Sea-kayaking Colibita Lake with students from Wolrd Challenge Expedition - UK (photo Caliman Club)

  • River rafting

  • Mountain-biking

  • White-water-kayaking

If you would prefer to visit us during the winter time we can take you ski-touring, snowshoeing and free ride skiing & snowboarding; 

  • Ski-touring around Colibita Lake

  • Free ride skiing & snowboarding

18 May 2010

Video: Rafting with Caliman Club (1 h driving from Colibita)

Rebra River, Rodnei Mts, 18 km, class III, gradient 22 m/km (video production: Caliman Club, video-camera & clip-editing: Dumitru Rotaru)

4 May 2013

Video: White-water kayaking (50 km north of Colibita)

Gusetul Creek, Rodnei Mts, 10 km, class III, gradient 25 m/km (video production Caliman Club, video-camera & clip-editing: Dumitru Rotaru)

Back home after each sporting day, you are very welcome to enjoy our Jacuzzi:

There is no video clip yet